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SS Thistlegorm

Imagine diving among German World War II motorcycles, tanks and other vehicles, while submerged in an unreal world of corals and brightly colored fish. Sort of like experiencing Saving Private Ryan and Finding Nemo, all at once.

The SS Thistlegorm was sunk on 6 October 1941 near the coral paradise of Ras Mohammed, and was discovered by Jacques Cousteau in 1955.

The Thistlegorm remains one of the coolest wreck diving sites in the world.

BlooSee - SS Thistlegorm

Shackleton’s Whiskey Cache

Has it ever happened to you that you hide something so well that you forget where you put it?

Apparently this is exactly what happened to Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica.

Two crates of well preserved whiskey left behind by the Shackleton’s party were dug up in 2009 by the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust. In 2010, samples of the drink were taken and sent to Scotland for study. Scientists swear that the whiskey will be "analyzed, not drunk"

BlooSee - Shackleton’s Whiskey Hut

Heart Reef

Love can be overwhelming. They say that noise from private charter planes flying over this little Australian reef shaped like a heart can be obnoxious.

Love can kill. At least 20% of the world’s coral reefs are already gone, including some 50% of those in the Caribbean. An additional 30% could be dead within 20 years.

Listen to the heart of the ocean.

BlooSee - Heart Reef

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